Learn NLP in your Home directly from John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll. The NLP Academy launched NLP in Your Home, as a way to offer our clients alternative learning formats to the traditional classroom style set up, which is a challenge for many due to Covid 19 restrictions.

So for those who are unable to travel to our courses or have health concerns re group activities, we will come to you. You can enjoy the very best of NLP from John, Carmen and Michael at home, no travel no health risks.

People from all over the world attend ‘NLP in your Home’ courses, and you will take part in all the exercises with your online course colleagues. What makes the Grinder, Bostic Carroll NLP in your Home series special is that online learners will also be able to interact with students who are in attendance at the physical class in Gallipoli creating a unique blend of learning.

The NLP in your Home course structure is unique in the sense that is part of the Grinder, Bostic, Carroll annual NLP event. This year’s event Is being held in Gallipoli, Southern Italy and Michael’s sessions will be streamed to the NLP in your Home students. John and Carmen will teach their sessions from California. via live stream to the class in Italy and also to the NLP in your Home students.

So you can get the best of both worlds, you will be learning NLP at home, but also taking part in live course in the physical world.

So you don’t have to let Corona get in your way of learning NLP, “NLP in your Home’ is the solution in these different times.

Invite John, Carmen and Michael into your Home


NLP in your Home is brought to you by
The NLP Academy

The NLP Academy is the global leader for NLP Excellence established for 25 years with lead trainers John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll.  The NLP Academy launched NLP in your Home as a way to continue what we do best, training the highest quality of NLP for people all over the world, making the home the classroom to suit current times.

Michael Carroll

Michael Carroll is the Founder and Course Director of The NLP Academy. Michael is an International Trainer and Ambassador for NLP excellence.  You now can enjoy all of Michael’s training expertise in the comfort of your own home alongside many others who will be at home learning from one of the highest qualified and most experienced NLP Trainers in the world

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