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Attend this world leading online public speaking course with John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll and take your public speaking ability to a whole new level. This course includes material for online and onstage presentations; the skills you learn will be ideal for the changing world where more public speaking is done virtually.

The course is held over 6 days , John and Carmen will teach for 4 days via live stream to the group at the physical course in Gallipoli and also the @home students. Michael will teach directly to the group in Gallipoli for 2 days and these sessions will be streamed to the @home learner.

John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll have collectively worked in the NLP field for 98 years which makes the Grinder/Bostic/Carroll partnership the most experienced, dynamic and knowledgeable training team in the NLP world. You will be learning from the best in the business.

Imagine yourself as a public speaker stunning people with charismatic, well delivered presentations. Imagine your audience enjoying your presentation, mesmerised by your style and wanting to share everything you’ve said with their friends.

Another exciting aspect to this course is we have updated the content to include material on how to give dynamically engaging presentations to an online audience. More workshops and training events will be online, so we are happy to offer you public speaking skills to put yourself at the forefront of the changing world of delivery.

Public speaking is not a gift to be enjoyed by the privileged few; it is an essential skill for modern life and a key attribute for your personal success. Love Public Speaking is the first module of the NLP Trainers Training, which many take on as a stand-alone basis to advance their training and presentation skills.

Attend this course if you want to learn the best and the latest NLP training techniques for amazing performances and presentations. Love Public Speaking is about learning how to utilise NLP patterning to design and deliver first class presentations. After this course you will be able to use NLP to design and deliver training sessions, enhancing the experience for your participants, creating a positive and memorable encounter with your material.

This course puts attention on the core skills of public speaking, such as your state, how you use your voice and physiology to convey the messages that resonate and make deep connections with your audience. With the right trainer state, you are calm and able to connect with the audience. Your tone enhances your words and your physiology anchors the message, giving concrete meaning to the presentation you are giving.

Participants will be awarded an Online Public Speaking Diploma on successful completion of the course

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By booking on this Live Stream Training, You will receive a FREE repeat option to attend the Live Training in 2021 when John, Carmen and Michael will be training Live together again (Covid permitting)

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  • Join daily live interactive sessions via Zoom
  • Take part Breakout Room exercises guided by mentors
  • Work with people from all over the world

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