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This highly specialised Business NLP course is an ideal programme for business people and entrepreneurs to bring NLP methods into their business for enhancing communication, motivation in self and others and developing sophisticated psychological sales, marketing, and negotiation practices to ensure profits are maintained and even increased in the unusual times.

The way we do business is rapidly changing with businesses now facing restructuring due to Corona challenges as well as adapting to new ways of conducting daily business.

Neuro Linguistic Programming, as a system is highly effective across the business spectrum. NLP was developed originally as a study of excellence, exploring the behavioural differences in people who perform at extremely high levels, compared with those who are average in the same task or practice. Behavioural modelling is at the heart of NLP, and what you learn at this course, consists of tried and tested behavioural models that have been built from multiple studies of people who perform at extraordinarily high levels in their sector.

Module 1

NLP for Communication Excellence
and High Performance in Business

Optimising communication, the mindset of excellence,
becoming a powerful influencer

  12 - 16 November 2020

  1:30pm - 6:30pm (UK)

Communication is at the heart of all business operations, both internal and external. In the current day, with many meetings being held on video conferencing platforms, having effective communication practices is essential to ensure the messages inherent in video conference business meetings is fully received and acted on by all those present.

Communication is sufficiently deeper than putting words together, influence comes with the tonal and physiological attributes which are the packaging of the words for optimal effect. Effective communication, is also about reading body language and other non-verbal systems, so you know how your message is being received and also when the person or people you are communicating are being congruent or not.

Knowing yourself is key to success in any endeavour, particularly in the face of adversity. It’s easy to make a profit in standard times, it’s how you handle a challenge that drives business success, in this course you will look at motivation structures and crisis management approaches to ensure you and your team can stay focussed on the vision of the business.

Your Trainer, Michael Carroll has 25 year’s experience of applying NLP across busines sectors and The NLP Academy is now the world leading NLP Online Training Provider, we have hosted more online training courses than any other NLP Company, when you join this course, not only are you working with one of the most experienced NLP Trainers in the world, you are also working with business that now specialises in providing online training to a global audience.

Attend this module and learn

  • Rapid and deep rapport building techniques so you can build sustainable rapport with anyone quickly online and the physical world
  • How to gain agreement even in highly conflicting scenarios
  • How to recognise different communication styles and to be able to use language for optimal influence within the different styles
  • To be able to read body language and make highly refined responses to lead out of awareness of the other person
  • The subtle art of reading body language and tonal shifts in an online business conference
  • How to gauge several people at once online and in the physical world
  • How to use specific directionalised questioning to get to the roots of vague communication otherwise known as breaking the bullshit
  • How to anchor states of excellence in yourself and others
  • Psychological processes for improving motivation in self and others
  • Self management methods for optimal focus and motivation, when working at home
  • The structure of human excellence and how to minimise averageness in business and upgrade to excellence

After this module you will have tried and tested formats to be effective with psychological influence, pattern detection and formats to replace negativity with states of motivation and positivity even in adverse business conditions.

Module 2

NLP for Sales, Marketing and Negotiation

Working inside the mind of the others

  27 - 30 November 2020

  1:30pm - 6:30pm (UK)

In this module you will learn how to build upon the NLP tools you learned in Module One for the specific business applications of sales, marketing and negotiation.

Sales is the oxygen that gives life to any business, yet many businesses are depriving them self of healthy profits due to out of date or inefficient sales practices. Give yourself the best gift a business can receive and that is the ‘gift of sales’. The great thing is, with NLP, increasing profits by introducing a psychological sales system is relatively straight forward.

As a business develops as does its expenditure, in challenging times, businesses seek to reduce their outgoings by making cuts, such cuts have a drastic effect on business morale. This course is about growing your business through developing refined sales and marketing formats to get your product or service in the hands of your clients. So as turnover increase a business needs to maximise its margins for healthy profits, and that is where ‘good negotiation factors’ are vital. Negotiating is not just about driving a price down, it’s a psychological process where the other side agree feel satisfied with the proposition because the negotiator is communicating in specialised way.

  • The Neuro Linguistic Sales model developed by Michael Carroll for optimal selling. This model blends tried and tested sales tools with the highly effective persuasion processes from NLP
  • The art of getting agreement and closing in sales and negotiation Negotiating inside the mind of your client
  • Leveraging values and intention in sales and negotiations to create a situation agree without feeling pressure
  • Marketing with NLP, using the language from all communication systems and hypnotic style language to send appealing concrete messages that are acted on
  • Communicating as a leader when giving public speeches, so that your audience is drawn to you
  • NLP communication and persuasion processes for negotiation; getting agreement when there are difference
  • Reading the other side’s non verbal behaviour and adapting how you communicate so the other side cannot read you easily

After this module you will have new strategies for marketing and sales, to give your business a significant lift. You will have deep psychological formats for persuasion and negotiation.

The world of business is changing, this course will give you methods to not get left behind, to adapt and maximise the opportunities the changes bring.

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£1500.00 + VAT (£1800.00)

Saving you £500.00

Until 11 November 2020 only

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