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For the first time ever you can attend a New Code NLP course via live stream taught by John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll. Attendees will receive a New Code NLP Online Diploma.

The course is held over 8 days, 7 of the days are teaching days and the last day is an integration and evaluation. John and Carmen will teach for 5 days via live stream to the group at the physical course in Gallipoli and also the @home students. Michael will teach directly to the group in Gallipoli for 2 days and these sessions will be streamed to the @home learners.

Coaching is one of the most exciting and rewarding applications of NLP. It also is one of the most prosperous with NLP trained coaches creating an abundant lifestyle for themselves. You will be learning how to coach online which is becoming more and more popular due to the Covid Pandemic.

New Code NLP underpins this course incorporating models which provide rapid and lasting change in clients. New Code emerged in NLP in the post Grinder/Bandler years to provide a radical framework for a more efficient form of NLP that utilises high performance states in the change process. New Code NLP is constantly developing and you are assured of the latest coaching models. In recent years, in the NLP field, a course that does not include New Code NLP is not considered a course that is in keeping with modern NLP. As a coach it is important you stay current and ahead of the field.

NLP was the original coaching model with the first model ‘the meta model’ as a tool for directing attention to different aspects in the client’s map. NLP rapidly grew as a system for enabling anyone to have more choice in life. Coaching is about creating choices where previously they were lacking. In this course you will learn tools to help yourself and your clients experience more choice in life.

A unique element to the International Coaching Certification is the specialist coaching models you will learn from John, Carmen and Michael who have developed these processes from their extensive experience in their own coaching practices. The specialist Coaching Models integrate Classic and New Code NLP patterning and will give you a structure for coaching your clients that is different from anything out there in the coaching world.

Upon successful completion of the course you will be awarded a New Code NLP Online Diploma

Your Training

By booking on this Live Stream Training, You will receive a FREE repeat option to attend the Live Training in 2021 when John, Carmen and Michael will be training Live together again (Covid permitting)

Live Stream Training

  • Join daily live interactive sessions via Zoom
  • Take part Breakout Room exercises guided by mentors
  • New Code NLP Diploma on passing the course
  • Work with people from all over the world

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£2899.00 + IVA

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Until 20 September 2020 only

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