NLP Mastery - Part Two

NLP Mastery - Part Two

with Michael Carroll

NLP Mastery - Part Two

with Michael Carroll

  1:00pm - 8:00pm (Portugal Time)

  Via Live Stream @home

    18 - 23 July 2022

  1:00pm - 8:00pm (Portugal Time)

  Via Live Stream @home

   18 - 23 July 2022

Course details

Part Two of the NLP Mastery series is all about transforming realities through the application of deep NLP for Change Protocols. This is the ultimate NLP Coaching programme where NLP Master Trainer, Michael Carroll presents the deep change structures of NLP.

With the skills available on this course you can increase the impact of coaching and healing and work with clients on larger areas of life such as their career, relationships, health, finances and more to create breakthroughs to transform whole areas of their lives. These skills will make you stand out as a coach, as you will impact clients at deeper levels demonstrating profound value.

Working with Timelines

TimeLines in NLP are used as a method to explore clients’ historic representations as well as their perceptions of the future. In this module, you will learn how to break deeply stuck patterns which negatively impact psychologically and within our physical wellbeing to create a release from the past and in doing so formatting a brighter and more positive future.

As well as working with visual and spatial TimeLine protocols, you will delve into non linear timeline formats such as the DropThrough Pattern and Time Scramble techniques which in essence are rapid TimeLine inductions, creating deep and lasting change for clients.

The Healing Power of NLP

A key presupposition in NLP, which makes it distinct from other change systems is the mind – body connection. In this course, you will learn how to apply NLP formats to establish healing frames for clients who are experiencing illness and poor health. The NLP Healing Patterns have been tried and tested across many different health conditions ranging from allergies, infections, immune disorders as well as general health conditions which severely impact quality of life, wellbeing and longevity.

The health and healing formats you will learn are heavily influenced by New Code NLP Protocols, so you will be learning the most up to date patterns for this highly important and vital arena of work.

Creating Breakthroughs

NLP Breakthrough Sessions’ are the pinnacle of elegance in the depth of change in NLP work. ‘The Breakthrough Session’ reaches parts that more standard processes are not able to reach. Breakthrough sessions over a 3 to 4 hour period offer a deep exploration into a life area, such as health, wealth, family, business or relationships.

The Breakthrough process brings to the surface destructive patterns, conflicting values and deep unconscious thinking structures. The Practitioner will work to assist the client heal the underlying issues for the original negative behaviours to run, and in doing so reworking the internal conflicts to produce congruence at the values level and create new behaviours which promote harmony and achievement in the area of ‘The Breakthrough Session’.

Key Learning Points

  • Standard emotional release TimeLine RePatterning Format
  • Reprinting to heal deeply challenging relationships and incidents in the past
  • Belief reformatting using different TimeLine approaches
  • Non linear TimeLine protocols such as DropThrough and Time Scramble
  • The Fast Allergy Relief process for creating alternative responses to an allergen
  • The Healer Within to negotiate with the unconscious accelerated healing frames to move on from ill health
  • How to work with client compulsion and other destructive behaviours
  • Methods for working with PTSD, (S Patterns and DropThrough)
  • Exploring values, imprint, modelling and socialisation period
  • The 7 stages of a ‘Breakthrough Session’ to create a major shift in a client’s life

After these 6 days, you will have explored and worked with some of the most transformational NLP formats available today. You will have learnt how to utilise what you have attained during the ‘Breakthrough Session’ and you will have had the privilege of leading a course colleague through a complete ‘Breakthrough Session’ as well as being a client yourself to create a major shift in a life area you are currently challenged in.

You will have formats available to you to work with health issues including allergies, ways to work with compulsive behaviours, strategies to support healing of PTSD and the tools to create momentum with chronic impasses which keeps people stuck in the past.

Your Training @home Live Stream

  •   Join daily live interactive sessions via Zoom
  •   Take part Breakout Room exercises guided by mentors
  •   Work with people from all over the world

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